Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Cards - 5x5 2010

Hi all! Another video...

I don't have many pics of these cards for some reason, but here is the video.

Snowman Card 2010

Here is a Snowman Xmas Card (8x5in) I made for my aunt. She LOVES snowmen!! No fancy supplies used for this card, totally free handed it. Except for the paper cutter for the straight lines, but everything else was with scissors! *Y*

Red/Black Xmas Card 10

Here is a more elegant/simple card.

Its using black cardstock 8.5x11, cut it in half to 4.25x11 in, scored and folded it at 5.5in. (so card becomes 5.5 x 4.25in). I then cut a piece of red shimmer card stock at 5.25x4in, wrapped white ribbon around it and bunched it at center. Then placed a 2x2in cardstock (after stamping it with a snowflake and heat embossing it with black embossing powder) in center.

After that, I just used my Scotch Tape Runner to glue the red to the black and it's done. Made my own envelope to.

Enjoy the video! *Y*

Christmas Cards - Round 2010

Hello All! Merry Christmas!!!

Wanted to post some cards I made this year. Too much info to write down, so view my videos! There are also a lot more cards I made that I guess I didn't take pics of.

Had a blast creating them! Hope you enjoy! *Y*

Brandi's Holiday Party Invites

Hello All! These are some Holiday Party Invites that I created for my friend Brandi, they came out really nice and I got a lot of compliments on them. Simple and small.

4x4in - M&MBI Specialty Paper (12x12): Black & White Flocked (Michaels/AC Moore)
4x4in - Black cardstock (Recollections: Michaels)
3.75 x 3.75in - Metallic Gold Paper (from PaperAccess, NYC. Avail online:
Black 3/4in ribbon approx 12in long per card
Any perminent tape/glue of your choice
Inks: G Studio - gold, Color Box - gold (pigment inks), Black Distressing Chalk Inks (Creative Memories)
Envelopes: 4.25x4.25in - Metallic Gold (from PaperAccess, NYC. Avail online:

I made 3 -4 passess of gold to the black and white flocked paper, letting it dry in between each pass and dusting off the black flock as well so it can stay nice and dark black. I when I got saturation I wanted, I cut the 12x12 paper into 4x4 blocks ( getting approx 9 invites per sheet). I then cut 4x4 black cardstock to place on back of those sheets to rid the white from it. After sticking them together, I distressed the edges with the black distressing ink to create a more vintage feeling as well as getting rid of any white as well.

I printed my info onto the gold paper (I think I got approx 4 per sheet), cut them out and then taped that onto to the black side, tied the ribbon on and Vua~la... You got a wonderfly easy and gorgeous invite. Finish it off with a coordinating envelope and send it off its Merry way to your guests.

Hope you enjoyed!! *Y*

Friday, November 5, 2010

Research... research... research...

Hi all! I've been away for some time now. Getting some research in on holiday cards. I've got a lot of projects on my plate to get completed all at once.. aaeeyyy yaa yaaeeyyy!!

Project 1: Bianca's Wedding Thank You Notes (100)
Project 2: Brandi's Holiday Party Invites (30)
Project 3: Melissa's Christmas Cards (50)
Project 4: Mom-in-law's Christmas Cards (36)
Project 5: MAYBE.... My Christmas Cards (yeah right... 0) ha ha!

Okay.. so today is Friday 11/5.. time is ticking... bye!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Please help me support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF).

October is Cancer Awareness Month.
I recently lost a cousin from Breast Cancer and am trying to see how many of these candles I can sell. Gold Canyon will donate 10% of all sales to this foundation.

...This candle is a 16 oz NEW "Pink Sugar Cookie". Burn time is approx 120-140 hours. Even if you may not have a sweet tooth in candle flavors, think of your friends and family. These will make great gifts and the holidays are just around the corner.

Visit my website to order directly, your purchases are greatly appreciated and please pass this along to all you know!
And don't forget... do your monthly exams!
#13593 New Seasonal! Pink Sugar Cookie $17.98
(Feel free to purchase multiples! Feel free to order other scents you'd be interested in as well!)

Again, I thank you for your support!! *Y*

Halloween Card 2

Halloween Card #2...

Used same supplies as last, just different paper option.
This card is for my family in California.
Miss them soo much! Muah! *Y*

Wedding Invitation

Wedding invite that I made.. More info to come!

Trifold Shutter Card - 1st attempt


This card was my 1st attempt at making the tri-fold shutter card.
I had absolutely NO supplies at this point.. so I had to get REALLY creative!

I used dollar section paper from Target, a heart punch that I ended up glittering, and the same technique described in my previous post of the Flocked/textured card.

I did a little of everything on this card, dry embossing, heat embossing, glitter, pop-up dots. This card took me forever due to lack of supplies and I kept building and building with what I had. It looked so plain at first, but I like how it came out. I made this card for my friend Jackie, who is a SCRAPAHOLIC! Haa haa~ She is "scrapping latina" for those of you who may know her. She LOVED this card, which made me feel good cuz I know she will appreciate it and the time I spent on it. Used her favorite colors... Purple (1st) and Pink. Believe me when I say, I had nothing (supplies).
It ended up coming out nice. Love you Jacko! *Y*

Flocked/Printed card

This is a card that I gave to a friend for her birthday. It came out lovely, even though other than construction, I didn't do much to it. The paper itself was gorgeous! Took the work out for me. Ha haa!!

Products used:
Paper (from Michael's)
Me & My BIG Ideas: Coastal Venice (Flocked - all the plack print you see (feels fuzzy)/textured coral paper)
Recollections: Cardstock Paper (deep blue - base, black and cream - accents)

Base blue paper is cut @ 12" x 6", scored vertically at 2,4,8, 10 inches, then cut horizontally 1.5" from top (from scored lines 2 and 10) then cut again horizontally 1.5" from bottom (from scored lines 2 and 10). The card is folded up and down, sort of like a fan, but then the 2 inner folds are reversed... sounds difficult, but really isn't. I got the idea from many people on youtube - Thanks to all!!

Then I just measured out my smaller pieces and glued them on in a pattern, added a bow and my note.. and!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My first video attempt...

Here is a halloween card that I made for a friend that I went to Nursing School with and we hardly see each other even though we work in the same hospital and live so close.

This is my first slider card... I like my lil' spider!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pretty Gift Note

Here is a note that I attached to a 3 piece gift we all gave for a bridal shower. Unfortunately, I didn't take pics of the other two small tags that all matched with this one.

Oh well.. So here I used chocolate 80lb for card base, tropical green 32lb, and baronial ivory 32lb all from . I used an alphabet stamp set from Stampin' Up for their initials then heat embossed it. Also from Stampin' Up, the Manhattan Flower embossing folder was used for the card base.

So simple, yet lovely!

As you can see my color schemes are pretty much the same because I'm using what I got.. which was a whole lot less than now. I haven't even started my new projects yet!!!

Another wedding Congratulations card... Different color scheme. Made my own envelopes too.

These colors are: (
eggplant 80lb (card base and envelope)(from Paper Access in NYC - lovely store!)
raspberry 32lb
black 32lb (circle)
Baronial ivory classic crest 32lb (back ground/message area)

The tag on the envelope was re-used, it was used on their wedding invitations to close, it has their initials on it.. so I decided to incorporate it. *Y*


Hello All! I have begun a NEW hobby! Making invitations and cards. Loving it!! Take a look at some things I have made so far... Think it's pretty good since I don't have that many supplies... Just the basics and my imagination. ;)

This is a wedding card I made for my friends. I did a little stamping with a flurished backgrounds stamp along with the congratulations, both from Stampin' Up. The Congrats is heat embossed with clear American Crafts embossing powder and Stampin' Up Pigment ink (I'd have to look up color if interested). The circle border punch is Fiskers, some pretty bow from Michaels, the flowers/brad I found in the dollar section at Target. I ordered the paper from (I can look up colors/weight if interested as well).
Any whoo... got a lot more to post..

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Birthday Weekend!!! Happy 4th of July!!

I love my birthday weekend!! I love 4th of July, all the firework shows!!!

I say that those are all for ME!!!!!

Started out the weekend in Catskills/Hunter Mountain area, NY. Yummy BBQ, Food, drinks...
Awesome firework display! Then... 2 surprise Bday cakes, a whole night of laughing and dancing. Thanks to all that celebrated with me.

Today, more food... then the ride back home.. TOOO BAAADDDD... my AC is still not the best.. sooo hot! But anyways, another awesome firework display on the Hudson River that I was able to see from my condo windows.

I have to work on Monday, My real BirthDAY.. so I pray it's a good day at work.

Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend, and hope that if you are traveling.. get home safe!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Count down complete... flying out in less than 2 hours!!

Hi! So.... I pulled an all nighter so I can sleep on the plane. These flights are sooo long, then I have a couple hour stay-over before I actually get on another little plane.. ugg...

Anywhoo.... I'm excited about it, just a little nervous I guess because I'm going alone this time. I'm gonna miss my hubby and rug-rat. I hope she doesn't have any other hypo events while I'm gone.

God... Please give me a safe flight... Please let my Zoe be healthy... Please bless my hubby with his car issues.

Gotta get ready for my trip... Type ya lata!! *Y*

Friday, May 14, 2010

"Our Best Self"

Why is it that the people you love the most, know how to hit you were it stings the worst?

Recently, I have come across many issues of family/loved ones/friends that hurt one another. Not only scratching the surfaces of their hearts, but digging deeper and deeper into your mind and soul until you don't know what to think, feel, or say anymore.

People feel taken advantage of and their counterparts feel unappreciated, yet... are we really trying to do these things to each other? Try to view their side of the story, maybe they feel the way you do. Yet, why can't we have "Normal" conversations about these issues instead of yelling, screaming and making snide remarks to hurt one another?

Even from experience with my relationships/acquaintances; All day at work/rest, I aim to help, heal and satisfy my patients, co-workers, superiors, friends, elders. I've noticed that I am sweeter, kinder and more attentive to others and my husband gets the "Worst" part of me. I guess because I'm comfortable with him, I know he will always be there, He is HOME! But shouldn't he get the BEST OF ME?

At present, my husband and I are doing well. Of course we have our arguments, but I feel good with what we have. I do request daily from God, that he help to strengthen us even more as we venture off to possible changes in our lives ahead.

I'm hoping the hurt and grief that my family/friends are experiencing at this time can be healed.

In closing...
Sisters, Brothers, Lovers, Mothers, Fathers, Friends, Families...

Let's try to be our "BEST SELF" to those we love.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Can't wait for Cali...

So, my countdown begins until I go back home to Cali to see my family and friends. My cousin's Quincenera (15 Bday) is why I'm going home. I can't wait! I can't believe Gabrielle (my cousin) is 15... geezzzz.... I remember when she was born. Dang, I'm old! Ha haa!!

Anywho.... I'm really excited to see my nephew, Javyn. He's 8 months now, I'm missing everyone grow up!! :(..... (tears).

A lot of plans when I get home: Mexican food, ME & Eds pizza, IN - N- Out, (Dang.. food of a girl!), "Getting my hair did" by my BFF... Vero... the best hairstylist ever!! Ha haa!! What else.. oh yeah, Movie night with BFF...

I can't wait! See ya later... 14 days and counting~!!!!!!!!!!! *Y*

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Damn BFF....

Okay... so... I've been in hiding for quite sometime, but my BFF is making me come out! So, here is my first Blog... Hmmm... what to write??? I'm a dork.. I know. Well, the boring girl in me just wants to say, I gotta go to bed so I can get up for work in the am. It's 1:48am in the East Coast. Good night!!