Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Please help me support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF).

October is Cancer Awareness Month.
I recently lost a cousin from Breast Cancer and am trying to see how many of these candles I can sell. Gold Canyon will donate 10% of all sales to this foundation.

...This candle is a 16 oz NEW "Pink Sugar Cookie". Burn time is approx 120-140 hours. Even if you may not have a sweet tooth in candle flavors, think of your friends and family. These will make great gifts and the holidays are just around the corner.

Visit my website to order directly, your purchases are greatly appreciated and please pass this along to all you know!
And don't forget... do your monthly exams!
#13593 New Seasonal! Pink Sugar Cookie $17.98
(Feel free to purchase multiples! Feel free to order other scents you'd be interested in as well!)

Again, I thank you for your support!! *Y*

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  1. i need to order one! go see my video !! for you!! on my blogger!