Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Flocked/Printed card

This is a card that I gave to a friend for her birthday. It came out lovely, even though other than construction, I didn't do much to it. The paper itself was gorgeous! Took the work out for me. Ha haa!!

Products used:
Paper (from Michael's)
Me & My BIG Ideas: Coastal Venice (Flocked - all the plack print you see (feels fuzzy)/textured coral paper)
Recollections: Cardstock Paper (deep blue - base, black and cream - accents)

Base blue paper is cut @ 12" x 6", scored vertically at 2,4,8, 10 inches, then cut horizontally 1.5" from top (from scored lines 2 and 10) then cut again horizontally 1.5" from bottom (from scored lines 2 and 10). The card is folded up and down, sort of like a fan, but then the 2 inner folds are reversed... sounds difficult, but really isn't. I got the idea from many people on youtube - Thanks to all!!

Then I just measured out my smaller pieces and glued them on in a pattern, added a bow and my note.. and!!

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  1. P.S. Hand made envelope in black and a seal made of same flocked paper!~ <3 Y