Friday, May 14, 2010

"Our Best Self"

Why is it that the people you love the most, know how to hit you were it stings the worst?

Recently, I have come across many issues of family/loved ones/friends that hurt one another. Not only scratching the surfaces of their hearts, but digging deeper and deeper into your mind and soul until you don't know what to think, feel, or say anymore.

People feel taken advantage of and their counterparts feel unappreciated, yet... are we really trying to do these things to each other? Try to view their side of the story, maybe they feel the way you do. Yet, why can't we have "Normal" conversations about these issues instead of yelling, screaming and making snide remarks to hurt one another?

Even from experience with my relationships/acquaintances; All day at work/rest, I aim to help, heal and satisfy my patients, co-workers, superiors, friends, elders. I've noticed that I am sweeter, kinder and more attentive to others and my husband gets the "Worst" part of me. I guess because I'm comfortable with him, I know he will always be there, He is HOME! But shouldn't he get the BEST OF ME?

At present, my husband and I are doing well. Of course we have our arguments, but I feel good with what we have. I do request daily from God, that he help to strengthen us even more as we venture off to possible changes in our lives ahead.

I'm hoping the hurt and grief that my family/friends are experiencing at this time can be healed.

In closing...
Sisters, Brothers, Lovers, Mothers, Fathers, Friends, Families...

Let's try to be our "BEST SELF" to those we love.

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