Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My First Mini Album!!!!

Hi!!! So I finally completed and gave my friend Jackie her Xmas gift...
Which just so happens to be my very first mini album - using toilet paper rolls. She gave me the idea. Nice to re-use items that just get thrown out (or recycled) anyway. Good way to be "Green"!

Toilet paper rolls - painted silver
Xmas craft paper, same as the cardstock I used for all my 2010 Xmas cards.
These are cut into 2.15x3.5 then glued onto the rolls.
Corner is hole punched and I just used wire ribbon from Michaels because I didn't have a binder clip. Then I tied multiple ribbons in bows for "fluff". :)
I cut ribbon approx 2" for the pull tabs and taped them in between the papers that went inside the roll slots.
All the stickers are from Michaels, love them!

Well, Hope you like it... Enjoy!!!

P.S. Jackie totally loved it... See her video on YouTube @


  1. your so cute !! i love your work!! how are you a beginner? this is amazing!!! wow!! im in awe!! i love them !!! all of them!! toilet paper rolls? how where!! im saving all of mine for you ! hehe!! move home so we make art together!! teach me!! so cute!!

  2. Hi my love! Your soo funny! When I have my home in Cali... one room for ART!! You and me girlfriend! Muah!

  3. p.s. your Veronica's Lounge.. your not a follower... follow me girl!! ha haa!